Ware Jewelry is my tiny jewelry studio. I have made jewelry on and off for years and years out of all kinds of materials. It's a little like beach combing through life and finding new materials and methods to play with.

Jewelry to me is all about fun. What unexpected thing can be transformed into a beautiful object to wear? It’s a little bit like a game. It is interesting to study the history of adornment and I love many pieces of work from all ages and places. I especially enjoy seeing how people use what is at hand to make themselves more beautiful, to protect themselves, to carry luck, to create ceremony, to commit to an ideal or just to have fun.  

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA and a BA in Architecture. I am partner in WAMO Studio Architects LLC, an architecture firm dedicated to outstanding design on a whole different scale. Ware Jewelry is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All work is designed and fabricated by me (and on lucky days my daughter too).


Photo Credit: Melanie West