gold CRUSH


"CRUSH", my line of recycled jewelry, was started the day that I was driving to the metal shop, looking at all of the cans tossed to the side of the road: I thought "I wonder if I can compress one of those enough to make……..some fun jewelry."

Dynamic, bold and geometric, “CRUSH” pieces are both modern and eco-friendly. Made from highly compressed aluminum cans-beer, soda, tea-whatever, each piece is unique. Colors are retained from the can and sometimes a star, animal head, word, warning, or set of numbers stay behind as well. The amount of color left and the crushing patterns vary depending on the can type, my mood and the pressure applied. Aluminum cans are one of our most abundant scrap materials. I enjoy taking something destined for the roadside or a landfill and making a beautiful, fun, affordable work out of it.


roadkill metal

"ROADKILL METAL" is a series inspired by the magic of time-worn metals and the unexpected beauty of crumpled metal. Buried, driven-over, sea-worn, and repainted scraps are all inspiration for this body of work.  The metal has been hammered, stamped, stomped on, unfolded, refolded and lightly oxidized or maybe painted to create dynamic and unusual pieces.



"WHIMSY" is a collection of all of the pieces that I make from cool found objects or random bits of things that cross my path. This collection is always changing. Right now, there are many pieces from The Black Hole in Los Alamos which was a repository for leftover equipment and materials from the Los Alamos National Labs.